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Anvil, and oathstone associated with the Knights Templar.

Having made so many wedding rings over the years, we have been asked on occasion to handfast couples after we have made their rings for them.


We now offer this experience for couples who wish to handfast, or to renew their vows.


Our gallery is an old smithy, where traditionally weddings took place in Scotland.

The building was also used as a school by Tom Jenkins, Britain's first black school teacher from 1814–1821.


More recently handfasting has taken place in the Museum, and have become quite special and humble occasions.


To the recital of an old local handfasting poem, the ceremony takes place in front of Mary Queen of Scots prayer chair, with couples taking their vows over an 8th-century oathstone, associated with the Knights Templar.

The ceremony is completed with the striking of an early anvil from Hexham.


The Museum has a strong spiritual element, surrounded with images of Gods and Goddesses from the Iron Age, as well as early Christian artefacts.


Handfasting takes around 15 minutes, following a short tour focusing on the spiritual elements of the museum collection.

With very limited space, generally ceremonies have been private and meaningful moments for couples only.


The cost of a Handfasting ceremony is £250, with proceeds going towards the running of the museum.


Although photography is not permitted in the Museum, a fixed position photograph of the ceremony is included, as is the knotted hand-fasting cord, and a copy of the local Handfasting poem.


Time slots can be booked in the same time frame as the Museum. Monday to Saturday (closed Sunday)


10am - 11am

11.30am - 12.30am

1.30pm - 2.30pm

3pm - 4pm

4.30pm - 5.30pm                                   Please get in touch to book, or for any special requests or queries.

Handmade rings

As well as our range of handmade rings, we have made two special Handfasting rings appropriate to the occasion.

In silver and red gold, one is decorated with Mary Queen of Scots rose, and one with the cross of the Knights Templar.


Another ring we make is the Fede ring in silver or gold. Fede translates as ‘Faith’ and shows two clasped hands.

This is the forerunner of the Irish Claddagh.


We can also make plain or hammered gold rings in any colour or carat of gold.

These rings are deep drawn and forged onsite in our workshop, with an optional hammered finish. Please contact us for prices.


Please note 4 to 6 weeks will be usually be needed in advance for us to make your rings.

Gold and silver Fede rings.

Hammered yellow and white gold rings.

Legal Weddings


Please bear in mind we are not a wedding venue.


Couples wishing to legally marry can coordinate the timing of the ceremony with the local registry office if they like.


Other historic local venues and services are available for a larger parties, should you wish to have an event meal or party, or legal wedding afterwards.


We can offer advice on the above, but you will have to make additional arrangements yourself.


Terms of entry are subject the following understanding by visitors, as the Museum collection is subject to loan agreements.


A record of proof of identity will be required, passport or driving licence, prior to entry.

This can be provided ideally in advance, or at point of entry.


24 hour recorded CCTV is in operation, including the recording of vehicle registration.


No photography is allowed.


All information will be treated confidentially, with your rights protected under the data protection act.


We look forward to welcoming you to the Borderlands Museum.

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