9 historic regional maps covering the entire English and Scottish Borders have been re-printed and are available.


Ortelius, 1573 map of Scotland


Maps of the entire English Borders by John Speed c. 1610

northumberland map

Maps of the entire Scottish Borders by Timothy Pont c.1583 - 1610

liddesdale map





Rocking boat Press was established in 2002, and publishes occasional books and DVD's of an investigative historical nature, and also poetry and maps, all of which can be posted Worldwide

Brian Moffatt's unmissable Borders thriller,'Falling Angels Lost Highways' is now available priced £22 +£3 UK p+p

This is a signed and numbered hardback first edition of 500 only.

The novel is set in 2003, and is the first novel of the "March Quartet." Two of the series are set in the 16th century and two in the 21st. All four novels are interlinked.

A Kindle version is available here at Amazon and other ebook outlets very soon

Brian Moffatts Blog can be read at http://fallingangelslosthighways.blogspot.co.uk




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soliloquoy to the moonsolioquy ccthought and memorythought and memory cd

Also available shortly...

outlaw johnnie armstrong